New market beer launch

One of the best-known beer manufacturers in Europe was launching a new brand and wanted to understand the impact that different communication channels would have on customers’ in-store purchasing behavior.


A VIRTUAL SHOPPER JOURNEY CASE STUDY. The Perfect In-Store Customer Experience

  • Client

    One of the best-known beer manufacturers in Europe

  • Methodology

    Virtual Shopper

  • Industry


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Brick and mortar retailers are going through hard times, facing increased competition from the online channel that grows at


The objective of the study was to

measure the impact of different communication channels on shopping behavior by analyzing customers’ reactions in a virtual supermarket as they interacted with branded communication materials or scanned product shelves.

We tested 120 customers using our Virtual Shopper Journey tool.


Results showed that

participants from the forth sample group bought the advertised beer 3 times more than those in the other study groups.

In store experience

Specifically, around 37% participants from the former group bought the beer, compared with only 11% from the other segments.
What’s more interesting, participants from this group were not consciously aware of the in-store experience.

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